Austin Cope

A standing-room-only crowd packed the Dolores Town Hall Monday night to voice concerns about the recent closure of the popular playground in Joe Rowell Park.

Austin Cope

An online survey is asking boaters who floated the Lower Dolores River over the summer to share feedback and data to help plan future releases on the river.

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KSJD's Austin Cope woke up early on Saturday morning to check out the Cortez Rendezvous Hot Air Balloon Festival. But Saturday morning was rainy, and hot air balloons can’t fly in the rain. To find out why, Austin talked to balloonist and the event's "weather man," Brian Hill of Page, AZ, about how and why balloonists monitor the weather.

After that, Austin had a laughter-filled conversation with one of the balloon teams from Albuquerque to hear stories from their travels through the air and along the ground. Click below to listen. / Creative Commons

The Forest Service is considering expanding the popular Boggy Draw trail system north of Dolores. The expansion would add 25 miles of non-motorized trails to the existing layout. Forest Service Recreation Staff Officer Tom Rice said the trails will be “stacked” close to each other to not expand far beyond the general footprint of the Boggy Draw area.


Before the agency moves forward with the expansion, it is seeking public comment. Rice said comments could address impacts to wildlife, ecosystems, or the town due to increased visitation.

Austin Cope / KSJD

A proposed ordinance intended to ban unauthorized entry onto the Cortez municipal golf course landed in the rough at Tuesday’s council meeting after a half-dozen concerned residents objected. City attorney Mike Green said the ordinance was designed to limit the number of access points and  reduce the ongoing problem of people entering the course from different places without checking in. But several golf-course neighbors argued it went overboard. Joyce Humiston said more rules are not needed but there is a need for access from the east side.