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Youth views on another MCHS Coach Departure

Young people have strong opinions and ideas about what is happening in our local communities. On this morning's interview, we hear from two swim team members who have been deeply affected by recent departure of the Montezuma-Cortez High School swim team coach.
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KSJD Newscast - November 25, 2015

Sam Green, Cortez Journal

Talking Heads

KSJD Newscast - November 23, 2015

Nov 23, 2015
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KSJD Local News Headlines:

  • The Colorado Wildlife Commission may reaffirm its long-standing stance against
    the reintroduction of wolves.
  • B-B Gun Wielding Vandals shoot out windows on Main Street in Cortez

The upcoming Thanksgiving holiday is generally celebrated with a bounty of food — and a mountain of leftovers, some of which, let's face it, will end up in the trash.

For the ongoing series The Changing Lives of Women, Morning Edition is exploring aging. We asked 85-year-old novelist Anne Bernays to reflect on the role of a woman's appearance as she grows older.

Along about the time I became a great-grandmother I dyed my white hair blue. Not a wussy "blue-rinse" blue, but eye-stabbing, punk-kid blue. At the time, I didn't do any soul-searching. I just thought, What the hell, why not?

  • Mancos Marshal John Cox resigns after being arrested for DUI.
  • Huge hurdles remain for better public access to Yucca House National Monument.

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In this episode of Pandora's Box, host Lyn Patrick talks with Dr. Celia Chen, Ecotoxicologist in the Department of Biological Sciences at Dartmouth College, about her research on mercury in the environment, how it gets into the fish in our lakes and rivers, and its potential impacts on human health.

Can we crowdsource a history story?

Often you add insightful information to stories I have posted and sometimes you suggest new stories for me to write. I feel like we are in a partnership.

So, I wondered further, if you would like to help me brew up a story ...

If not, that's OK. No pressure. I will probably write it anyway. This is just an experiment, using tools that weren't available only a few years ago.

Starting a new job is always tough — no matter the profession. But the first year for a new teacher can be brutal.

Research shows that roughly one teacher in 10 will quit by the end of that first year, and the toughest time — for many — is right now. In fact, this season is so famously hard on teachers that it even has a name ...

Here's a recent excerpt from the blog Love, Teach:

  • Montezuma County commissioners decide that the Four States Ag Expo is going to stay alcohol-free, and spar with a Forest Service official over the Dolores-Norwood Road.

Honoring Our Sense of Place

Nov 16, 2015
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A deep relationship with land and landscapes is an important value for most of us here in the Four Corners area. KSJD's Tom Yoder talks with Amber Clark, Conservation Director at the Montezuma Land Conservancy, about how our sense of place shapes who we are, and why conservation of land is vital to our future.

If Stevie Wonder had been born three decades later, we might never have gotten "Superstition" and "Isn't She Lovely" — but the musician might never have gone blind, either. Born premature, Wonder developed retinopathy of prematurity, an eye disease that afflicts more than half of babies born before 30 weeks of gestation.


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