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Mancos Creative District Administrator Named

Joy Horvath Imel has been named administrator for the new Mancos Creative District. The district recently was awarded one of six new designations as certified creative districts in Colorado. According to a release, Imel’s duties will include implementing projects that celebrate the arts, culture, and history of the Mancos Valley.
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Thanks to low crude-oil and natural-gas prices, every drilling rig in the San Juan Basin is sitting idle. The Farmington Daily-Times reports that for 20 months, energy companies in San Juan County, New Mexico, have been scrambling to survive, but the oil and gas downturn is the worst in more than a generation. The Daily-Times says energy-company officials believe even when prices rise again, it will be a long time before large-scale drilling can resume.

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Deaths of motorcyclists in Colorado hit a record high in 2015, but they are on pace to be even higher this year. The state Department of Transportation reports that  58 motorcyclists have died this year, up from 51 at the same time last year.

Connecting With Leadership Montezuma

22 hours ago

Leadership Montezuma is a program that seeks to connect the citizens of our communities and offer differing perspectives on the joys and challenges of living here. KSJD's Tom Yoder spoke with Andrew Cuckie, a board member from Leadership Montezuma, about his experiences in the program, how it works, and who should consider joining the program.

Colorado Department of Transportation

A thousand-square-yard mud slide has been cleared from a stretch of Colorado Highway 145 between Telluride and Placerville. The state Department of Transportation says a 15-minute downpour Wednesday night triggered the slide, which dumped sludge intermittently on three miles of road.

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Health officials are warning area residents to be careful handling rodents after a case of tularemia was confirmed in a rabbit in Montezuma County. Sometimes called “rabbit fever”, tularemia is a bacterial disease often found in beavers and small rodents as well as rabbits. It can be transmitted to humans by ticks, fleas, or deer flies, through cuts in the skin when handling infected animals, by drinking contaminated water, or by inhaling dust carrying the bacteria. Usually occurring in warmer months, it can be serious but is very treatable with antibiotics.

Voices from the Bears Ears Debate

Jul 21, 2016
Austin Cope / KSJD

Secretary of the Interior Sally Jewell's visit to Bluff brought over 1,000 people from all over the county, state, and country. My editor and I got to the Bluff Community Center early, registered as members of the media, and found a seat near the front of the room.

Austin Cope / KSJD

A spirited debate over the idea of using a one-cent sales tax to fund a county-wide broadband project dominated talk at a town-hall meeting Monday with the Montezuma County commissioners. About 30 people attended, many thanking the board for holding the evening meeting.

Six months remain of the Obama administration, and as the clock ticks down, anticipation and apprehension are growing around the possibility that the President will use his executive authority to name one or more new national monuments.

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Colorado Parks and Wildlife officials are reminding the public that wolves are protected under the Endangered Species Act. The warning comes as biologists anticipate the canines’ eventual return to the state. Wildlife managers have not yet spotted packs, dens or other signs of wolf populations dwelling in Colorado, but they believe that will change soon. Killing a wolf or any endangered species is a criminal offense carrying penalties of up to a year in prison and $100,000 in fines.

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No adverse effects were noted from the Long Draw Fire in Dolores County near Lone Mesa State Park. Dolores District Ranger Derek Padilla and fire management officer Patrick Seekins told the Montezuma County commissioners Monday the lightning-sparked blaze is believed to be out except for occasional wisps of smoke. After it was reported June 21st at about 8,200 feet in elevation, the fire was managed and monitored by the Forest Service but allowed to burn to clear out forest litter and Gambel oak.


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