Montezuma Land Conservancy

Montezuma Land Conservancy

The Montezuma Land Conservancy works to protect important open lands in partnership with landowners. KSJD's Tom Yoder talks with Jon Leibowitz, Executive Director of the Montezuma Land Conservancy, about the value of conserving agricultural, natural, and scenic open space resources, how conservation easements work, and what to expect at the their upcoming Harvest Beer Festival.
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  • Parts of Mancos lose power on Thursday night after semi truck knocks over utility pole.
  • City of Cortez decides not to adopt a noise ordinance.

Bill Gracey / Creative Commons

In this episode of the More Than You Want To Know Show, the EngiNerd exposes the SEX (in plants) behind pollination, the role that bees play in the reproduction of plants, and why it matters to you.

We're not shy about our affinity for the Cherokee Purple, a purplish package of sweet, acid and savory tomato greatness.

  • Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment says fish from the Animas River are safe to eat after Gold King Mine waste spill.
  • Study shows energy development adversely affects mule deer habitat.

In a series called Close Listening: Decoding Nature Through Sound, Morning Edition has been profiling scientists who explore the natural world by listening to it.

But sometimes listening isn't enough — scientists have to record animals and even talk back to them to figure out what they're saying.

In the wake of Ben Folds Five's dissolution in 2000, Ben Folds embarked on an assortment of new projects: He's released solo albums and composed for film and TV; he's collaborated with Nick Hornby and William Shatner; he's even served as a judge on TV's The Sing Off, which led to an a cappella record.

  • Elderly man in San Juan County, Utah dies from the plague
  • New judge is assigned to trespassing case involving San Juan County, Utah Commissioner Phil Lyman

More adults across the country are strapping on helmets and hopping on bikes to get to work. That's good news for people's hearts and waistlines, but it also means more visits to the emergency room.

Hospital admissions because of bike injuries more than doubled between 1998 and 2013, doctors reported Tuesday in JAMA, the journal of the American Medical Association. And the rise was the biggest with bikers ages 45 and over.

  • Montezuma County budget hit by declining oil and gas production.
  • Montezuma County hires new fleet manager to oversee vehicle operations and maintenance.

Dolores Food Market

In this episode of the Big Fat Farm Show, KSJD's Sarah Syverson talks with Taz Vass, owner and operator of the Dolores Food Market, about how locally owned grocery stores compete with larger national chain stores and the economics of offering local produce.


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