public safety

Photo courtesy of Brent McWhirter

An overheating fan motor likely caused the fire that destroyed the Western Excelsior plant in Mancos on Monday.


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Utah’s governor has signed into law the toughest drunk-driving measure in the country.

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Montezuma County resident Judi Lichliter appealed to the county commissioners Monday to create more handicapped spaces at their facilities, including the courthouse, clerk and recorder’s office and senior center.

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Public safety and crime prevention are topics of interest to everyone in our community. KSJD's Karen Childress talks with Roy Lane, Chief of Police for the City of Cortez.

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On January 23rd at around 4:30pm, Rico residents heard a loud boom. At first some people people thought it was a shell for avalanche control, but they soon realized it was much worse. A house had exploded, killing one of the residents and completely leveling the building.