Navajo Nation

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The Navajo Nation is asking the state of New Mexico to designate U.S. Highway 491 as “Chief Manuelito Highway.” On Thursday, a committee of the tribal council approved legislation to that effect. Manuelito, who died in 1893, was a leader of the Navajo people, and the highway serves numerous Navajo communities, including Shiprock,  Tohatchi, and Sheep Springs.

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As Navajo Nation officials struggle to decide how to deal with free-roaming horses, two New Mexico residents have started a Facebook group dedicated to finding solutions other than slaughter.

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The parents of an 11-year-old girl who was kidnapped and killed on the Navajo Nation a year ago are renewing their call for an Amber Alert system across the sprawling reservation.

Navajo Department of Transportation

The Navajo Nation received a federal grant to improve safety features on one of the most-traveled roads in the Navajo Nation.



According to a release, the Navajo Department of Transportation plans to repair potholes, create additional signage, and build cut-out sections on road N36 between Shiprock and Farmington.


Navajo Nation officials are mulling the idea of a hunt to reduce the number of feral horses on the nation.