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U.S. Geological Survey / via Google Earth

This month the City of Cortez is looking back on the history of its parks. KSJD’s Austin Cope sat down with Chris Burkett. Burkett served as Cortez Parks and Recreation director between 1978 and 2006, and now directs grants and special projects for the City. To start their interview, Austin asked him how the corner of Mildred and Main Street--near the Colorado Welcome Center--looked in 1978.

Singer-Songwriter Jeffrey Foucault

May 2, 2017

Folk singer-songwriter Jeffrey Foucault has been called one of the finest songwriters of his generation. KSJD's Tom Yoder caught up with Foucault by phone to talk about his music, how his career got started, and why he loves his fellow singer-songwriter Peter Mulvey, but can't stand the game of Scrabble.

wabisabi2015 / Creative Commons

The City of Cortez Animal Shelter takes in about 3,500 animals each year, the vast majority of which are adopted out, returned to their rightful owners, or transferred to other shelters to be adopted. KSJD’s Karen Childress spoke with Kennel Supervisor Jennifer Crouse about how this valuable community resource is managed.

Ponder The Albatross

Apr 12, 2017
Ponder The Albatross

Formed in the Front Range of Colorado, Ponder the Albatross plays a variety of different genres of original music with a little bit for everyone. KSJD's Tom Yoder talks with Josh Bower, vocalist and guitar and mandolin player with the band, about how the band was formed, how they approach creating music, and what to expect at their performance at the Sunflower Theatre on Saturday, April 15th.

KSJD's Austin Cope talks with Marianne Mate of the Montezuma Land Conservancy about what viewers can expect at the "Of Life and Land" Film Festival on Saturday at the Sunflower Theatre. Click below to listen.