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Mikerussel / Creative Commons

In 1989, a Detroit man named Bernard Young was convicted of child sexual assault and sentenced to 60 to 100 years in prison. But many years later, the victims admitted that they had accused the wrong man. Earlier this month, Young was released from prison and his case will be re-tried in the spring.

If it weren’t for the help of a Mancos-based nonprofit and the woman who runs it, Young still could be in prison. Claudia Whitman, who runs the National Capital Crime Assistance Network out of her home in Mancos, sat down with KSJD's Austin Cope to tell more of the story.

Violinist Ellen Chavez de Leitner has performed with many orchestras, chamber ensembles, and as a soloist. On rare occasions, she also performs chamber music with her daughters, guitarist Genevieve Leitner and soprano vocalist Cecilia Leitner, as The Leitner Trio. KSJD's Tom Yoder talked with Ellen about her roots in classical music and the advantages and challenges of performing with her daughters.

The Deer and Their "Transcendental Texas" Sound

Feb 15, 2017
The Sound Floor

The music of The Deer, a band out of Austin, Texas, has been described as a marriage of "moody Americana with rapturous psychedelia, like two wings of one soaring bird." KSJD's Tom Yoder caught up with Grace Park, the lead vocalist and guitarist of The Deer, to talk about their music and what the audience can expect at their upcoming performance at the Sunflower Theatre.

Courtesy of Peter Robinson

As the political debate over repealing the Affordable Care Act heats up in Washington, Montezuma County might feel far removed at some points. But instead of remaining distant from the debate, Mancos residents Peter Robinson and Deb Gardner decided to take the discussion directly to the U.S. Capitol.

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Property tax notices arrived in mailboxes throughout the county last week. KSJD's Karen Childress spoke with Montezuma County Tax Assessor Scott Davis about tax rates, senior exemptions, and what qualifies for agricultural tax status.