City of Cortez

The Cortez City Council agreed Tuesday to nominate the old City Hall at 210 East Main Street for listing on the City Register of Historic Structures.

Luke Mehall

Luke Mehall is a self-professed dirtbag climber and author, whose latest book "American Climber" tells his story of how climbing saved him from his depression and struggle with addiction. KSJD's Tom Yoder talks with Luke about how he got started climbing, and why writing about his experiences has been an important part of his path to happiness.

Mancos Creative District

throgers / Creative Commons

The Fish Bowl is a monthly interview program on KSJD that features the voices, thoughts, and opinions of youth in our communities. KSJD's Tom Yoder talks with David Gonzalez-Overton, a recent graduate of Montezuma-Cortez High School, about this pivotal time in his life, what he is looking forward to, and what challenges lie ahead.

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The elderly are the fastest-growing segment of the homeless population, and that trend is being reflected locally.

Montezuma County

Gail Binkly / KSJD

An advisory committee to the Bureau of Land Management finished a day-long meeting Friday without making a decision on whether to recommend moving forward with a master leasing plan.

Consumers influencing food production

Jun 12, 2016

On Wednesday this week, Jeff and I reported that Whole Foods, and Starbucks were two of many high end restaurants and natural food retailers that were in the market for slow-growing chickens to fill the perceived demand of their customers.


Jane Dally

Local boaters, don’t put away your kayaks and inflatable rafts just yet.


Austin Cope / KSJD

About 40 people came to the Sunflower Theater on Thursday night for the screening of a short video produced for the City of Cortez’s “Heart and Soul” project. The video, which was funded by a planning grant from the Orton Family Foundation awarded in 2011, showed clips of various community members explaining what they loved about Cortez. It also mentioned components of the community such as education, businesses, agriculture, and cultural heritage.