Everyone Talks About The Weather, But...

Feb 16, 2017
Bob Bragg

In this edition of Ag Markets & More, Jeff and Bob discuss the fallacy of commodity traders making predictions that grain prices will make a miraculousness recovery, based solely upon the possibility a weather event that will lay waste to this year's crops.

Alex Proimos / Creative Commons

Navajo Nation leaders are voicing concern about the likely closure of the Navajo Generating Station near Page, Arizona.

The Deer and Their "Transcendental Texas" Sound

Feb 15, 2017
The Sound Floor

The music of The Deer, a band out of Austin, Texas, has been described as a marriage of "moody Americana with rapturous psychedelia, like two wings of one soaring bird." KSJD's Tom Yoder caught up with Grace Park, the lead vocalist and guitarist of The Deer, to talk about their music and what the audience can expect at their upcoming performance at the Sunflower Theatre.

Austin Cope / KSJD

If you smoke cigarettes by the duck pond in Cortez, or if you can’t stand when people smoke at soccer games, you may want to share your opinions with the Cortez Parks and Recreation Department. A survey by the department asks the public whether a no-smoking or vaping policy should be implemented on City property.

Ken Kistler / Creative Commons

A number of citizens on Monday urged the Montezuma County Commission – which has long supported transferring Forest Service and BLM lands to the states – to keep such lands in federal hands.