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Earlier this week the eyes of the nation were on the Oroville Dam in north-central California. Quickly rising waters and erosion on the dam’s main spillway forced dam officials to use the dam’s emergency spillway for the first time in the dam’s history. The flood of water prompted an evacuation of over 180,000 people from the valley below.


The Montezuma County commissioners have appointed Cortez farmer Don Schwindt to serve on the Southwestern Water Conservation District Board.

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In November water managers for the Colorado River opened the floodgates of Glen Canyon Dam and released a huge flood down the Grand Canyon. In this edition of River Radio, host Sam Carter talks with Katrina Grantz from the Bureau of Reclamation's Upper Colorado Region about this “High Flow Experiment,” a managed flood intended to move sediment down the canyon in an attempt to improve the health of the river corridor.

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Beginning in May, boat ramps at McPhee Marina and House Creek north of Dolores will be gated at night.

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Farmers and non-farmers alike probably know that water management is a complex issue all throughout the West.