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A small geyser seemed to erupt from the intersection of Pinyon, Maple and North streets in Cortez on Friday night. This was not geothermal activity, but rather a large break in a city water main.

Cortez City Manager Shane Hale said the 10-inch water main broke on Friday evening. Police and construction crews worked together to detour traffic around the street, and the utility workers patched the pipe later that night. The line was fully repaired by Saturday.  

Corey Robinson

In this episode of River Radio, host Sam Carter talks with local filmmaker Corey Robinson about his work documenting the struggles around fresh water resources across the U.S. His work is focused on personal stories of people who have been affected by water policy, and corporate control of fresh water for supplying large cities like Las Vegas and operations like pig farming in the east.

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Coloradoans are now allowed to collect rainwater, thanks to a new law. But the district manager for Colorado Mosquito Control in Montezuma County, Jason Carruth, warns rain barrels can become mosquito breeding grounds and sources of disease.

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A new report says removing invasive junipers from sagebrush landscapes helps snow remain longer in the spring.

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The 2016 boating season on the lower Dolores River came with little warning, missed the Memorial Day weekend, and had two short peaks instead of one long one.