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When a section of school trust land west of the tiny town of Bluff, Utah, was nominated for public auction early last year, critics said the action could mean a loss of public access to a popular area of scenic Comb Ridge. Now their fears appear to be coming true.

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The new Bears Ears national monument is the first of its kind to be managed by two separate federal agencies along with a commission of Native American Tribal representatives. But there is still strong local opposition to the monument designation, and much of the management planning will occur under the incoming Trump administration. To get some perspectives on how the management will unfold, Austin Cope talked with Bill Boyle, editor of the San Juan Record newspaper in Monticello.

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Winter is ordinarily a quiet time for Zion, Utah’s most popular national park.

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President Obama delighted Native American tribes and environmentalists Wednesday by proclaiming the 1.35-million-acre Bears Ears National Monument in southeast Utah.

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Utah remains the nation’s fastest-growing state.