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The Bureau of Land Management has released a long-awaited environmental assessment, or EA, regarding proposed ATV access through Recapture Canyon in Southeast Utah.

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Legislation intended to stave off a Bears Ears National Monument designation in Southeast Utah is finally moving forward.

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The outdoor industry is urging President Obama to go ahead and designate the artifact-rich Bears Ears area in San Juan County, Utah, as a national monument.

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Two members of a polygamist church sect in Utah awaiting trial on charges of food-stamp fraud were arrested Monday for allegedly violating the terms of their release from jail. The Salt Lake Tribune reports that Seth Jeffs and John Wayman  are among 11 people accused of fraud and money-laundering. They allegedly took $12 million in food-stamp benefits from other members of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and redistributed them.

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Two Utah senators want to open the gate to mountain-biking in wilderness areas. The Associated Press reports that Republican senators Mike Lee and Orrin Hatch have introduced legislation that would let local officials with federal public-lands agencies decide whether bikes should be allowed in individual wilderness areas.

Voices from the Bears Ears Debate

Jul 21, 2016
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Secretary of the Interior Sally Jewell's visit to Bluff brought over 1,000 people from all over the county, state, and country. My editor and I got to the Bluff Community Center early, registered as members of the media, and found a seat near the front of the room.

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Over 1,000 people came to the Bluff Community Center in 100+ degree weather on Saturday to share their opinions on the proposed Bears Ears National Monument with Interior Secretary Sally Jewell and other officials from the departments of Interior and Agriculture. Secretary Jewell and the other officials spent very little time addressing the attendees, instead listening at length to people’s comments about the proposed monument and other options for conserving the area.

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Utah Congressmen Rob Bishop and Jason Chaffetz introduced the long-awaited Public Lands Initiative bill on Thursday.

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It has been less than one year since the Hopi Tribe, the Navajo Nation, the Pueblo of Zuni, and the two Ute Tribes came together in support of a national monument designation in an area west of Bluff, Utah known as the Bear's Ears. The Bear's Ears Intertribal Coalition believes that a national monument, managed by a partnership between the tribes, is the best way to protect the sites that are important to their cultural heritage and traditional ways.

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San Juan County, Utah is in the national news, given the recent finding of Voting Rights Act violations and the proposed Bears Ears National Monument.  But is the national media painting with a broad brush that doesn't reflect a deeper story? Jeff Pope and Gail Binkly talked with Bill Boyle, editor of the San Juan Record in Monticello, Utah to learn what we might be missing in the narrative that's emerging on the national stage about San Juan County, Utah.