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A bill to help fund broadband development in rural Colorado is making its way through the Colorado State Senate.

Ag Technology On the Horizon

Jan 23, 2018

Within the next decade, farmers will have a lot of new technology to select from to plant, weed and harvest crops, battle weeds, milk their cows, and keep their data.  The question is not whether it will be available, but whether it will improve their farm's profitability.

Cattle Wearing Fitbits?

Apr 4, 2017

Young cattle placed into feedlots are at risk for developing respiratory diseases that affect weight gain and may even result in death.  Pen riders check cattle frequently for signs of illness, but some calves are hard to diagnose until they are very sick.  Research shows promise that using activity trackers similar to the popular Fitbit, used by fitness buffs, can help to identify calves that are becoming sick earlier in the progression of diseases.

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The environmental advocacy group Friends of Cedar Mesa is downplaying a possible hack to its website server after the designation of the Bears Ears National Monument.

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Players of the immensely popular Pokémon Go app in Montezuma County have few places to use it, compared to people in areas that are more densely-populated. But they can still use the game to discover new places that they didn't know existed. KSJD's Austin Cope talked to Kayla Eiler, a Mesa Verde National Park resident and Pokémon Go enthusiast, about her experiences with the game in the park and surrounding areas.