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Many locals know spring is wind season in the Four Corners.

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In this episode, an anonymous questioner asks the EngiNerd about the fascinating history and molecular qualities of soap, and special guest The Kitchen Witch joins in to explain how she makes homemade soap.

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A Southwestern archaeologist and author who excelled at helping the public understand her field has died.

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Salt is so common that many of us don't realize its role in history, or in our health. In this episode of the More Than You Want To Know Show, the EngiNerd examines where salt comes from, it's long history, and why it is a crucial ingredient for our good health.

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In this episode, the EngiNerd examines how fruit ripening works, the implications of the world banana market, and how you can make sure your avocados are ready for that impromptu guacamole dip when friends show up.