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Voters in the Farmington Municipal School District in Farmington, New Mexico, approved a $26 million bond measure Tuesday.

The school in the town of Rico is tiny. It’s not the size of the building that’s the problem-- it’s the low number of students in it. This year, there are only seven students enrolled at the school: three in preschool and four in elementary school. And since the schools receive a certain amount of funding from the state per student, the Dolores County School District is having trouble making ends meet.


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The tiny Rico School in the mountain town northeast of Dolores will remain open for the near future, but some way needs to be found to make it self-sustaining.

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Would arming key personnel make schools safer?

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The Montezuma-Cortez Re-1 School Board heard an urgent plea Tuesday from a representative of the Children’s Kiva Montessori School.