Dolores School District

Recall petitions for two members of the Dolores Re-4A School District Board have been found insufficient, but organizers have time to try to fix the problem.

Gail Binkly / KSJD

San Juan County, Utah, Commissioner Phil Lyman has set his sights on a higher office.

Wolfgang Straudt / Creative Commons

Less than a week after proposing to name a scenic highway in Utah after Donald Trump, Utah Representative Mike Noel has pulled his bill from consideration.

Navajo Nation

An unusual meeting between a sitting member of Congress and Utah Navajos on the Navajo Nation Monday failed to produce any agreement over legislation regarding Bears Ears National Monument.

Ron Cogswell / Creative Commons

Representatives of five Indian tribes testified Tuesday in opposition to a bill that would codify President Trump’s dramatic downsizing of Bears Ears National Monument in Southeast Utah.