oil and gas

Imahornfan / Creative Commons

Southwest author and wilderness advocate Terry Tempest Williams and her husband, Brooke, have appealed the Bureau of Land Management’s decision to reject their bid on two oil and gas leases in Grand County, Utah.

Bureau of Land Management

The Obama Administration has finalized a Bureau of Land Management rule designed to reduce methane emissions, but critics hope it will be overturned when Donald Trump takes office.

Friends of Cedar Mesa website

Citizens in Bluff, Utah, are voicing alarm about a possible effort by the Utah State Institutional Trust Lands Administration, SITLA, to create a major energy development north and east of the town.

Santeri Viinamäki / Creative Commons

CO2  producer Kinder Morgan has agreed to pay for an independent study to measure noise levels at its pumping station along Montezuma County Road BB.

Gail Binkly / KSJD

A hundred people marched, chanting, around Cortez’s City Park Sunday afternoon to show solidarity with protesters battling a pipeline in North Dakota.