Montezuma County

Austin Cope

The question of funding for security at the new Montezuma County Combined Courthouse led to a lively discussion Monday between Sheriff Steve Nowlin and the county commission.

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Does the city of Cortez have a high sales-tax rate? That question has come up following a remark made by Montezuma County Commissioner James Lambert. In a recent interview with KSJD’s Austin Cope, Lambert said he’d heard that Cortez has the second-highest sales-tax rate in Colorado. It turns out that isn’t true, but earlier corrections we posted on the KSJD web site also contained some inaccuracies.

Austin Cope

The race for the only open seat on the Montezuma County Commission this year is shaping up to be quite competitive.

Austin Cope

KSJD's Austin Cope spoke with new Montezuma County Commission Chair James Lambert about issues facing the county this upcoming year. Click below to listen. 


The Montezuma County Commissioners cut funding to several local organizations in the county's 2018 budget, including the Montezuma Community Economic Development Association, known as MCEDA.