Montezuma County

Dennis Skley / Creative Commons
  • Planning & Zoning Commission says Montezuma County should just say no to a proposed recreational trail from Cortez to Mancos.

  • Montezuma County voters may be asked to decide on a county sales tax in the near future.
  • Montezuma County attorney John Baxter and commission watchdog M.B. McAfee have heated exchange over notices of public hearings.

  • El Niño has been good to Montezuma County, providing 169 percent of normal precipitation over the last 13 months.
  • Montezuma County appears ready to go to court to try to prove an RS 2477 claim against the Forest Service over the Dolores-Norwood road.

  • The benefits of pumped-up recreation would be many, but to truly harvest them, Montezuma County may need a sales tax.

  • New report shows that many Coloradoans who are eligible for food stamps are not receiving them.

In this episode, Gail Binkly of the Four Corners Free Press and KSJD's Jeff Pope discuss the American Lands Council and their efforts to transfer public lands to state control, the recent departure of Montezuma-Cortez RE-1 School District Superintendent Alex Carter, and the potential impacts of falling oil prices on the economy of Montezuma County.

  • Two Montezuma County commissioners attended Thursday's meeting of the County Planning and Zoning Commission to urge them to take an active role in visioning economic development projects.

  • Montezuma County commissioners postpone a decision about proposed land-use regulations on Monday, and choose Monty Guiles as the owner’s representative for overseeing construction of the new $7 million to $8 million county courthouse.

  • Montezuma County commissioners postpone a decision on whether the Cortez Journal will be its newspaper of record.
  • Montezuma County commission may expand its use of executive sessions.

  • Montezuma County moves into 2016 on a budget of more than $38 million.