Montezuma County

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Montezuma County resident Judi Lichliter appealed to the county commissioners Monday to create more handicapped spaces at their facilities, including the courthouse, clerk and recorder’s office and senior center.

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Last week, Montezuma County Commissioners Larry Don Suckla and James Lambert met with the Dolores County Commissioners in Dove Creek. The meeting covered some important issues, but there were also some disagreements.

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That item you threw out during spring cleaning may find a new home when it gets to the Montezuma County landfill.

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The Montezuma and Dolores County Commissioners have similar goals for public lands and natural resource management but may take different paths to get there, Dolores County Commission Chair Julie Kibel said at a joint public meeting on Tuesday.



Austin Cope / KSJD

Colorado’s Department of Public Health and Environment will pay for a hazardous-materials assessment of the Justice Building in Cortez’s Centennial Park.