Austin Cope

KSJD’s longtime executive director, Jeff Pope, has announced his resignation.

KSJD Announces Executive Leadership Transition

Dec 29, 2017

KSJD is saying goodbye to its longtime Executive Director Jeff Pope, who shared his resignation with the organization’s Board of Directors this week.

Austin Cope

KSJD's Austin Cope spoke with KSJD's Barb Richhart, host of the "Cow Trails" show on Sundays from noon to 2pm, about her nomination and win of the Best Radio DJ award from the First Pro Cowboy Country Association. She will travel to Fort Smith, Arkansas, to the awards ceremony to accept her award later this week.

Tom Yoder / KSJD

The KSJD Daytime Collective is new collaborative music show that will air on KSJD from 9-11am and 1-3pm on weekdays starting Monday, February 13th. KSJD's Austin Cope sat down with KSJD's Programming Director Tom Yoder to talk about the ideas behind the show, who will be hosting it, and what it will offer to KSJD's weekday daytime listeners.

KSJD's Tom Yoder on Interviewing

Jul 11, 2016
Austin Cope / KSJD

We hear a lot of interviews on KSJD, but Tom Yoder, KSJD's Programming and Media Director, usually is the one asking the questions instead of answering them. In this interview, he's on the other side of the microphone to share his philosophy around conducting interviews, the hardest interview he's ever done, and the reasons why he loves it so much.