Big Fat Farm Show
11:54 am
Tue July 22, 2014

A History Of Milk

Credit Beverley Goodwin / Creative Commons

In this episode of the Big Fat Farm Show, host Sarah Syverson talks with local chiropractor Bill Breitenbach about the history of milk production in the United States, and why modern milk production may not be the best for our health.

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The Zine
10:12 am
Mon July 7, 2014

How The Tractor Ruined Farming

Old International Tractor HDR
Credit Randy Stiefer / Creative Commons

Food has become cheaper and more abundant in the last 150 years, largely thanks to technological advances. Irrigation, fertilizer, pesticides, and tractors have revolutionized farming and made a big promise to farmers: life will be better, easier, and your yields will be greater. In this story from producer Erik Olesund, however, is a farming family who has experienced first hand the negative impact of these technologies and how they impact our ability to grow food.

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This story aired on KSJD's Zine on Monday, July 7th, 2014

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Big Fat Farm Show
10:36 am
Tue June 24, 2014

Big Fat Farm Show - June 24th, 2014

Credit Tavis Ford / Creative Commons

In this episode of the Big Fat Farm Show, host Sarah Syverson talks with Aaron and Lindsay Yarbrough from Battlerock Farm in McElmo Canyon, Colorado about growing up on a farm, why they decided to continue their family tradition of farming, and how young farmers are making their business sustainable.

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Big Fat Farm Show
10:34 am
Tue June 10, 2014

Farm-to-Table: A Food Revolution?

Credit Rachel Tayse / Creative Commons

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10:57 am
Tue January 7, 2014

Big Fat Farm Show - January 7th, 2014

Credit Natalie Maynor / Creative Commons

JoDee Powers from LiveWell Montezuma talks with KSJD's Tom Yoder about Good Food Montezuma, a new organization forming to support local food producers and consumers by improving and maintaining a sustainable, local food system.

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