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An advocacy group for the energy industry is asking the director of the Bureau of Land Management not to cancel an oil and gas lease sale for three parcels near Chaco Culture National Historical Park in New Mexico.

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Recycling has become more and more common in households across the country, but many do not understand how it can benefit our economy and environment. KSJD's Tom Yoder and Pandora's Box host Joanie Trussel discuss the ways that recycling helps fight climate change and contributes to a healthier society.

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An advisory committee to the Bureau of Land Management finished a day-long meeting Friday without making a decision on whether to recommend moving forward with a master leasing plan.

Friends of Cedar Mesa

Close to 100 people crowded into the Bluff, Utah, Senior Center on Tuesday night to speak out about the future of a square mile of state trust land.

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Three bears were shot and killed Saturday by Colorado Parks and Wildlife because they were causing problems in the Durango Hills subdivision.

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It’s time to get off the Dolores River if you’re below McPhee Dam and upstream from the confluence with the San Miguel River.

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A young bear that had been snooping around homes and killing chickens northeast of Cortez was euthanized Friday by Colorado Parks and Wildlife. The Journal reports the bear entered a dog kennel in Arriola and swiped at a homeowner who tried to pull the dogs out of the pen, causing a minor scratch. Wildlife officers then tracked and shot the animal. The Journal reports the bear had been visiting the same two or three homes in recent days and officers had tried unsuccessfully to trap it.

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With McPhee Reservoir rising about a half-foot a day, reservoir managers are planning a "boating spill" starting Thursday or Friday, June 5th or 6th.

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A square mile of state-owned land six miles west of Bluff, Utah, on scenic Comb Ridge will apparently be put up for auction in October.

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A long-held dream of environmental activists gained new legitimacy in Sunday’s New York Times.