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Cleaning up an abandoned mine near Silverton whose operator also left a toxic mess in Mancos will cost taxpayers about $10,000.

Tim Hunter

For the past 15 years, a group of volunteers floats down the San Juan River in Utah and collects trash that has been deposited into this scenic and well-traveled corridor. In this episode of River Radio, host Sam Carter talks with Tim Hunter, the leader of this clean-up crew, about the types and amounts of trash they collect, and why this is important for him and his fellow volunteers.

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Citizens in Bluff, Utah, are voicing alarm about a possible effort by the Utah State Institutional Trust Lands Administration, SITLA, to create a major energy development north and east of the town.

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The Montezuma County commissioners on Monday withdrew their support for an effort to create a national conservation area along the Dolores River below McPhee Dam.

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A team of researchers at the University of Colorado has a message for America’s next president:  Act swiftly to resolve issues on the Colorado River.