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Following intense wildfires across the West this summer, an environmental group has released a study saying such fires are no more likely on federal public lands than state lands.

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President Trump has proposed slashing the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s budget by 30 percent.

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Residents of the town of Dolores will soon be required to use bear-resistant containers for their trash. The Cortez Journal reports that on Monday, the Town Board adopted an emergency ordinance mandating that businesses and homeowners use the containers, which will cost $10. The decision came after weeks of bear activity in the town, particularly on the night before regular trash pickup. The Montezuma County Sheriff’s Office has been responding to bear sightings and chasing the animals away using rubber bullets.

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Montezuma County weed manager Bonnie Loving got the go-ahead from the county commission  Monday to get tough on landowners who ignore regulations designed to prevent the spread of noxious weeds. Loving showed the commissioners striking pictures of fields of flowering musk and Canada thistle as well as other invasive species directly adjoining crops of alfalfa. The county is allowed to take action to eradicate such weeds on its own if property owners ignore certified letters notifying them of the violations.

Mesa Verde National Park Facebook page

Mesa Verde National Park is asking for help combating graffiti, vandalism, and littering. In a recent Facebook posting, park officials say over the summer they have seen more and more evidence of such behavior. Spokesperson Christy Brown tells KSJD in a recent incident, a vandal dug up prehistoric charcoal from an archaeological site and used it to rub names onto sandstone. The charcoal was completely used up.