• Task force on fate of the former Montezuma-Cortez High School building says to "tear it down".
  • Coalition of environmental groups file suit over the 2015 renewal of a permit for the Navajo Mine in New Mexico.

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Living in Antarctica poses many challenges when it comes to feeding the people who live and work there. Big Fat Farm Show host Kellie Pettyjohn talks with Liz Widen and Rebekah Osgood, who have spent several seasons in Antarctica, about why they choose to live there, and the role that food plays in keeping morale up through the long dark days of winter near the South Pole.

Shaun Stanley / Durango Herald

When the Weber Fire broke out in June of 2012, some property owners in the path of the wildfire were in the unique position of waiting to see how their wildfire mitigation efforts from years before would work. In the second of KSJD's four-part series on wildfire preparedness, KSJD's Tom Yoder talks with Philip Walters and Jeff Schaffer about their personal stories from the Weber Fire, and how they ultimately ended up with national awards for their wildfire mitigation efforts.

The Wildfire Season Outlook for 2016

Apr 4, 2016
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Despite a relatively wet winter the reality of wildfires is still something we all need to be prepared for as the 2016 fire season quickly approaches. In the first of KSJD's four-part series on wildfire preparedness, Tom Yoder talks with Rebecca Samulski, Montezuma Chapter Coordinator for Firewise of Southwest Colorado, about current wildfire conditions and how land owners can start planning now to ensure they are ready in the event of a wildfire near their homes and other property.

  • For a third time, the Bureau of Land Management has deferred a controversial sale of three oil and gas lease parcels for fracking near Chaco Canyon.
  • Drought is the key factor driving an historic outbreak of spruce beetles in the San Juan Mountains.

Tom Yoder

Marilyn Colyer is a woman who has spent her life living and exploring in the La Plata Mountains and learning about the diversity of plants and animals there along the way. KSJD's Tom Yoder visited with her and her three dogs at her ranch near Echo Basin to hear about how her life was shaped by her experiences in the Mancos Valley and the mountains of the area, and why she decided to conserve her land for future generations to enjoy.

Sam Carter

In this episode of River Radio, host Sam Carter visits with Chilean river guide Francisco Valle about the Bio Bio River and Parque Pumalin in the Patagonia region of Chile, and the issues that are facing these rivers and other waterways of South America.

  • An Italian company’s plans for a large development near the South Rim of the Grand Canyon have hit a roadblock.

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A coalition of Native American tribes have come together in an effort to conserve the Bears Ears cultural landscape in southeast Utah. KSJD's Tom Yoder talks with Ute Mountain Ute Tribe councilwoman Regina Lopez-Whiteskunk about why this place is of special importance to area tribes, why it needs protection, and the effort to create the Bears Ears National Monument.

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In this episode of Pandora's Box, host Joanie Trussel talks with Brittany Meyer, a new mother, about how she is working to raise her daughter in a healthy environment full of natural curiosity and free of industrial toxins.