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The CEO of the Four Corners Economic Development group is warning that closing the San Juan Generating Station near Waterflow, New Mexico, would be a blow to the area.

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A leading energy official in New Mexico says low oil and gas prices are the main obstacle to a reinvigorated industry.

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Last week President Trump signed an executive order to roll back Obama’s Clean Power Plan. That plan had created regulations on CO2 emissions, especially for the coal-fired power plants that produce a large share of the country’s greenhouse gases.

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Home solar systems can reduce energy costs and help reduce fossil fuel emissions. KSJD's Karen Childress spoke with John Lyle of the Mancos-based group Solar Barn Raising about his groups's involvement helping homeowners get solar systems installed at reasonable costs.

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The owners of the San Juan Generating Station near Waterflow say the coal-fired power plant could be shut down at the end of 2022.