Managing Personal Finances and Home Buying

Mar 24, 2016
Newton Free Library / Creative Commons

Taking command of your personal finances can be a difficult and frustrating process, especially when you are preparing to buy a house. KSJD's Tom Yoder talks with Belinda Platts, a board member at the Dolores Public Library, about personal financial workshops they are offering, and Pam Moore, Deputy Director of the La Plata Homes Fund, on how you can get help organizing your financial matters when purchasing a house, and what to expect afterwards.

Helping Teens Stay Safe Behind The Wheel

Mar 17, 2016
State Farm / Creative Commons

In this episode of the Fish Bowl, KSJD's Tom Yoder talked with Shellbee Romine and Faith Krebs, students at Montezuma-Cortez High School, about why teen driving is so dangerous, and what they are doing to help keep their peers safe when they are driving.

  • Montezuma-Cortez Re-1 School Board meeting on Tuesday night included dissent over the normally routine matter of the consent calendar, appointment of Brian Balfour as representative for District A, and discussion of retaining good teachers in the face of a looming shortage.

M-CHS Drama Department Presents "Big Fish"

Mar 7, 2016
Montezuma-Cortez High School Drama Department

The Montezuma-Cortez High School Drama Department will be present the musical "Big Fish" starting Friday, March 11th. KSJD's Tom Yoder talks with Director Nicholaus Sandner and Shaylin Smith, Cassidy Livengood, Liv Story, David Gonzalez-Overton, Ryan Jackson, students involved in the production, about the roles they will be playing, and what they have learned as they have prepared for the play.

  • Montezuma-Cortez School District Superintendent Alex Carter is leaving to take a position with the non-profit Colorado Education Initiative.
  • Utah Attorney General's Office confirms it is conducting a criminal investigation involving San Juan County Commissioner Phil Lyman.

The Four Corners School of Outdoor Education

Jan 15, 2016
Four Corners School of Outdoor Education

The Four Corners School of Outdoor Education seeks to create lifelong learning experiences about the Colorado Plateau for people of all ages and backgrounds. KSJD's Tom Yoder talks with Janet Ross, Founder and Executive Director of the school, about their new Canyon Country Discovery Center in southeast Utah and the education, adventure, and conservation programs that they offer.

Southwest Colorado Community College

In this episode of Conversations With Dave, host Dave Hart talks with Tonya Nelson, the new Executive Dean at Southwest Colorado Community College, about her path into the position and how the school is serving the community through a variety of programs.

In this edition of Talking Heads, KSJD's Jeff Pope and Gail Binkly of the Four Corners Free Press discuss politics in southeast Utah, including the latest investigation into possible criminal conduct by San Juan County Commissioner Phil Lyman, and the thorny issue of political district redistricting in San Juan County.

  • A 15-year effort to build a campus for the Four Corners School for Outdoor Education is coming to fruition in Monticello, Utah.
  • Coalition of New Mexico environmentalists collects 25,000 comments in support of proposed methane gas emission regulations.

Jeremy Keith / Creative Commons

Computer technology has become an integral part of our lives, but with the rapid changes in personal devices, it can be hard to keep up. KSJD's Tom Yoder talks with Lee Hallberg and Dana Petersen from the Mancos Public Library about how they are helping the community to better understand the latest in personal computing devices, while also celebrating "maker" culture through traditional arts and crafts.