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The cancellation of classes at Cortez’s Southwest Open School on Thursday prompted controversy on social media, but school director Charlotte Wolf tells KSJD she believes it was the right decision.

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What happens when a school district’s performance is judged on a standardized test that only 25 percent of students take?  That’s what’s happening to the Montezuma-Cortez RE-1 school district right now.

The San Juan School District in southeastern Utah received a grant for almost a million dollars from the U.S. Department of Education last month.

“It’s a lot of money,” said Lynnette Johnson, Student Support Services director for the San Juan School District. “It’s just a lot of money.”

Johnson helped write the grant, and says because the $986,570 from the Department of Education is supplemental to the district’s existing budget, it will help students even more.

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A new report finds encouraging news for many aspects of K-12 education in Southwest Colorado.

Austin Cope / KSJD

Cortez’s Southwest Open School has received a $25,000 grant for being one of Colorado’s best-performing nonprofits.