• The economic recovery has been good to Colorado, but not New Mexico.
  • The percentage of Montezuma County children living in poverty is down, but remains high among Colorado counties.

The Challenges Facing Recycling Efforts

Feb 24, 2016
Timothy Takemoto / Creative Commons

The Four Corners Recycling Initiative works to promote sustainable living through waste diversion and recycling, education, and outreach. KSJD's Tom Yoder talks with Casey Simpson from the Four Corners Recycling Initiative about some of the economic and practical challenges of recycling programs, and their impact on our communities and the environment.

In this episode, hosts Jeff Pope and Gail Binkly continue their discussion of the proposed recreational trail that would link Cortez, Mancos, and Mesa Verde National Park, and how the Montezuma County Planning and Zoning Commission is weighing in on the proposal.

Montezuma Community Economic Development Association

In this episode of Conversations With Dave, host Dave Hart talks with Chelsea Jones, the new Economic Development Specialist with the Montezuma Community Economic Development Association, about strategies for growing and recruiting business in southwest Colorado, and the opportunities and challenges of economic development here.

  • Montezuma County voters may be asked to decide on a county sales tax in the near future.
  • Montezuma County attorney John Baxter and commission watchdog M.B. McAfee have heated exchange over notices of public hearings.

  • Dolores is about to join Cortez and Mancos in becoming home to a Family Dollar store.

  • The benefits of pumped-up recreation would be many, but to truly harvest them, Montezuma County may need a sales tax.

  • Two Montezuma County commissioners attended Thursday's meeting of the County Planning and Zoning Commission to urge them to take an active role in visioning economic development projects.

  • Report says that most jobs in Southwest Colorado don’t provide a livable wage for a family of four.
  • The San Juan Generating Station will continue operating, following a vote by New Mexico's Public Regulation Commission.

Sam Green / The Journal

In this episode of Conversations With Dave, host Dave Hart talks with Cortez City Manager Shane Hale about his path to working for the city of Cortez, how he spends his day as the city manager, and some of the current projects and priorities that Cortez is working on.