Colorado’s budget handily passed the state Senate on March 29. It has bipartisan support and increased four percent compared to the previous year. In many ways the debate was a microcosm of the entire legislative session. It showed lawmakers working together, complex policy issues,  partisan fights and political statements. It is balanced, as required by the state constitution, but reflects how Colorado lacks enough money to fully fund schools, health care and roads.

Many lawmakers are not happy with how the bill turned out.

Alex Proimos / Creative Commons

Leaders of the Navajo Nation and Hopi Tribe are calling on the owners of the Navajo Generating Station near Page, Arizona, to keep it in full operation.

Rusty Blazenhoff / Creative Commons

A deeply divided Cortez City Council opted Tuesday not to change city regulations to allow marijuana-growing operations in the industrial park.

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The Navajo Nation has reached a settlement agreement with Urban Outfitters over charges that the specialty retail company was selling items labeled “Navajo” without the tribe’s permission.

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The cash-strapped Colorado Department of Transportation is looking into charging state drivers a per-mile fee instead of the current gas tax.