Southwest Conservation Corps

The invasive Russian olive tree can cause havoc in river ecosystems around the West. But a group of organizations outside of Durango has found a way to remove not only to remove the trees, but also to help the surrounding community in other ways.

Tom Vaughn

Retired newspaper editor and former National Park Service ranger Tom Vaughn took the above photo of a praying mantis eating a hummingbird at his home north of Mancos about 10 years ago, and posted to the online photo-sharing site Flickr. Years later, the photo is now being featured in a scientific journal article about praying mantis predation of hummingbirds, and since has gone viral on Facebook. Mr.

Ferran Pestaña / Creative Commons

Eurasian collared doves have spread rapidly across the United States since they were introduced from south-central Europe and Asia in the 1980s. University of New Mexico Researcher and Adjunct Professor of Biology Mike Fuller talked with KSJD's Austin Cope on Morning about the effects of the species’ colonization. Click below to listen.


US Fish and Wildlife Service

A proposed bike and pedestrian trail from Cortez to Mancos could adversely affect wildlife, and discussions are needed about ways to reduce impacts.

Famartin / Creative Commons

Trees stressed by global warming may not be able to survive simply by creeping up to higher elevations.