courtesy of Kyan Maloney

Members of Cub Scout Pack 225 joined KSJD's Austin Cope to talk about their upcoming food drive on Saturday, February 10th from 9am to 1pm at Cortez City Market. Click below to listen.

Mancos Days Facebook Page

The 28th Annual Mancos Days celebration happens this weekend. KSJD's Austin Cope spoke with Daria Sparks, president of the Mancos Days Planning Committee, to learn more about what Mancos Days brings to the town.

Gail Binkly / KSJD

Sixty people marched a mile along Cortez’s Main Street on Saturday afternoon to promote unity and healing in the wake of the contentious presidential election.

Austin Cope / KSJD

At least 200 children, parents, and families lined Montezuma Avenue Friday afternoon as the late fall sun illuminated American flags held by veterans, military personnel, and other community members. This was the Veterans Day parade in Cortez.

Connecting With Leadership Montezuma

Jul 22, 2016

Leadership Montezuma is a program that seeks to connect the citizens of our communities and offer differing perspectives on the joys and challenges of living here. KSJD's Tom Yoder spoke with Andrew Cuckie, a board member from Leadership Montezuma, about his experiences in the program, how it works, and who should consider joining the program.