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A bill is making its way through the Colorado State Capitol that would fund efforts to promote rural broadband. In the meantime, governments in rural regions southwestern Colorado are continuing to talk about the benefits of faster internet.

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A bill to help fund broadband development in rural Colorado is making its way through the Colorado State Senate.

Colorado Office of Information Technology

Colorado state and local governments are mapping Internet speeds in the region to increase broadband availability, affordability, and quality.

The Colorado Broadband Office and the Southwest Colorado Council of Governments are encouraging users to test their internet speeds before the end of August by using an online application that tests each user’s connection without collecting personal data.

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A majority of respondents to a recent questionnaire say they would support a county sales tax to expand high-speed internet services in Montezuma County. On Monday, Greg Kemp, a board member of the Montezuma Community Economic Development Association, told the county commissioners that 1700 people had responded to the survey, which was distributed for MCEDA by Empire Electric. Of those, nearly 60 percent said they would support a sales tax to boost a public-private partnership to bring broadband to the entire area.

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Montezuma County voters approved all four local questions on Tuesday’s general-election ballot, but those results weren’t known until about 5:30 Wednesday morning.