Bridge Emergency Shelter

Could the Bridge Shelter Become Homeless?

Dec 28, 2016
Austin Cope / KSJD

The Bridge Emergency Shelter in Cortez opens its doors each night in the winter to allow people to come in from the cold. But as Montezuma County builds a new courthouse to replace the Justice Building where the shelter is located, the future of the Bridge could be up in the air. To find out how a possible building shakeup could affect the Bridge, its residents, and the community, KSJD's Austin talked to the shelter’s executive director Laurie Knutson.

Jon Pinder / Creative Commons

The elderly are the fastest-growing segment of the homeless population, and that trend is being reflected locally.

Homelessness In Montezuma County

Feb 25, 2016
Franco Folini / Creative Commons

Homelessness in Montezuma County in many ways exemplifies what homelessness looks like across rural America. KSJD's Tom Yoder talks with Deb Keel and Laurie Knutson from the Bridge Emergency Shelter in Cortez about how homelessness has changed in the past few years, how they go beyond just providing a warm meal and a bed for their clients, and what to expect at their upcoming "Soups Of The World" event.

  • Executive director of the Bridge Emergency Shelter says their Justice Building facility is more needed than ever.
  • Cortez City Council considers a request to remodel and reopen a former Circle K convenience store as a liquor outlet.

  • Bridge Emergency Shelter in Cortez already serving 30 guests, hopes for improved services for families.
  • Unemployment rate in Montezuma County falls, but is still one of the highest in Colorado.