Josh Ewing / Friends of Cedar Mesa

For the past few years, the town of Bluff has celebrated the winter solstice by burning huge effigies of animals.

Photo courtesy of Kim Welty

The Savannah Sipping Society tells the story of four Southern women who decide it's high time to reclaim the enthusiasm for life they've lost through the years.

Courtesy of Rusty Rutherford

The Sunflower Theatre's next comedy showcase tonight at 7pm will feature Albuquerque comedian Rusty Rutherford. He came into the KSJD studios to talk more about his work and what influences his comedy. Click below to listen.

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Durango residents are sharing ideas for how to decorate the medians near the intersection of highways 160 and 550 on the west side of town.

Janet Lever-Wood /

Artist Janet Lever-Wood creates functional pottery and sculpture that is inspired by the landscapes and archaeology of the Southwest. KSJD's Tom Yoder talked with Janet about her work, the ways that time and place shape her art, and upcoming exhibits she will be showing at the Bluff Arts Festival and Olio's in Mancos.