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The Colorado Supreme Court has ruled in favor of Montezuma County in a longstanding dispute over how carbon-dioxide giant Kinder Morgan calculates its revenues.

Austin Cope / KSJD

The possible renewal of a license for the nation’s only conventional uranium mill drew about 100 people to a public meeting in Blanding, Utah, Thursday night.

Austin Cope / KSJD

The White Mesa Uranium mill, located between Blanding, UT and the Ute Mountain Ute Tribal community of White Mesa, is the only fully-operational uranium mill in the country. It takes materials captured from the mining of uranium, including ore, tailings, and waste, and processes those materials to either store or sell as uranium for weapons or energy.

Austin Cope / KSJD

An Indigenous-led advocacy group called “haul no” is touring the Navajo Nation and surrounding towns to organize against the transport of uranium mining materials on the reservation.


Montezuma County’s use of so-called “fossil water” for dust abatement drew criticism at the county commission meeting Monday.