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Katie Klingsporn/KOTO

Tucked into a corner of San Miguel County, one small community is embarking on a big endeavor toward sustainability.

KSJD's 90.5fm Signal Is Down

Jun 17, 2018

KSJD's radio signal at 90.5fm is down and it may take a few days to get it back into operation. This also affects our Mancos translator at 91.1fm, but our signal at 91.5fm and internet stream are still working. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Emily Rice / The Journal

Only Mother Nature can extinguish the Burro Fire east of Dolores. That was the message given by fire officials at a public meeting Thursday night in the town’s community center.

Austin Cope's On-Air Goodbye

Jun 15, 2018
Tom Yoder

KSJD's Morning Edition host and news reporter Austin Cope gave a beautiful goodbye to our listeners on Friday morning, his last day at KSJD before he leaves for a two-year fellowship in India.

Dolores Schools

The Dolores School District has chosen an interim superintendent.