Deep Threes


What songs would you want if you could only download one track per album? Deep Threes is the weekly radio show for the 21st Century digital music collector. "Deep" is a nod to the deep tracks of the past. "Threes" refers to the MP3s that fill up our hard drives. We mix extended eclectic sets that fuse jazz, rock, modern classical, electronica, blues, global music and more...

Deep Threes dares to play long pieces that take music beyond boundaries. New releases from indie artists. Underground music from the copyleft. Rediscovered gems from the past. Music with bite, passion and depth.
Themes are not chosen - they emerge. They could be a small arc between two songs as the set moves along. Or the set can unravel into a short story told through the mood and lyrics of each song.

A Deep Threes mix can float over the clouds in the night sky, or gradually take you across terrain that is radically different than the starting point. Layers of found sounds, spoken words and subtle remixes are there to mark the way points in each excursion. Your destination: an oasis of deep listening and discovery.

At the heart of this process is the music. The synergy of math and physics, mechanics and electronics, infused with the human spirit, rising up in a river of feelings alongside all the glistening gems we found along the way. The Deep Threes.

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