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Let the Beared One man the mothership contols, and guide you into The Black Hole. Better known as your earhole. A place where music crosses into another funky dimension, otherwise known as your brain, and is converted into the movement of HIPS!...

The perfect eclectic music blend for your Saturday night.

On any given Friday, from 8-10 pm, you can experience the soundiferous activation of funk, chill, soul, world music, rock, pop, blues, jazz and technotronic excellence that is THE MELT with alternating hostesses, Doris Deity and Jamaymay...

The Moe Show on KSJD is a blast from the past. 50s thru the present time. You don't need a diploma to listen. You just need to be awake!

EDM airwaves trance.mitted by djNova

A freeform music mix with your mind in mind. The host is Gregg McVicar. Playlists and streaming at: 

Includes the tunes from these fabulous programs:

World Vibrations is an exploration of sound, where music from all corners of the globe will move your soul. It will open doors to new cultures and sweep you away on a sound odyssey.