Montezuma County Fair Brings Exhibitions, Contests, and Entertainment

Aug 3, 2016

If you’ve been perfecting your chili or salsa recipes this summer, you have a place to test them out this weekend. The Montezuma County Fair has been happening all week at the County Fairgrounds, with a long list of events scheduled from Wednesday until Saturday. Exhibits will be open from 9 am to 5:30 pm on all four days, and prizes will go to the top rabbit, goat, sheep, bird, cow, and pig, plus many other contest categories.

The fair also offers a long list of competitions, from a rooster crowing contest on Friday morning to a chili and salsa cook-off on Saturday afternoon. It will wrap up with a concert by the High Rollers on Friday night, a livestock sale on Saturday afternoon, and a demolition derby on Saturday evening. A full lineup of the events can be found at the venue.