3:29 pm
Thu December 19, 2013

The McAfee Story Vault - Record Your Story Today!

Farmers, backyard gardeners, and food growers of all kinds! KSJD wants to record your stories about your harvest and how you got there. We want to know about the challenges and joys you experienced as you grew food to sell or trade with your neighbors or just to feed your family.

We are also looking for your scary stories! Have you experienced something that left you terrified or just uneasy; something you couldn't explain? This October KSJD wants you to record those stories that you tell around the campfire when stories about ghosts, haunted houses, or the supernatural are being told.

Call KSJD at (970) 564-9727 or email tom@ksjd.org to schedule some time to record your 20-40 minute story in the McAfee Story Vault today!

KSJD's McAfee Story Vault is a state-of-the-art recording studio that was built into the space where the bank vault of the historic Montezuma Valley Bank had been situated. It is designed as a one-on-one studio where friends and family can share and record the stories of their lives so that they can be preserved and handed down to younger generations. Telling stories in the McAfee Story Vault is an intimate experience that allows family and friends to talk privately and choose how their stories are shared. Stories can be burned to a CD or stored on other removable digital storage devices to take with you, archived at KSJD, or approved for broadcast on KSJD in future storytelling programs. Its up to you.