Latin Roots: Fania Records Celebrates Its 50th Anniversary

Jul 24, 2014

On today's episode of Latin Roots, the multitalented Rachel Faro helps us celebrate the 50th anniversary of Fania Records. More than a record label, the imprint synonymous with salsa music was also a cross between a family and a way of life.

Fania's ascendance in the '60s was the product of immigration and a vibrant community of talented Puerto Rican players finding a new home in New York. And the closing of Havana to the outside world helped make New York even more of a Latin music center.

Fania embraced it all, and Faro plays some great examples. Today, the Lincoln Center Out of Doors festival is celebrating Fania's 50th with a performance of Larry Harlow's Hommy: A Latin Opera. The commemoration continues Aug. 3 with a tribute to Pete "El Conde" Rodríguez. To experience Fania's music right now, you can listen to this Spotify playlist curated by Faro.

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