Mar 7, 2014

HerStory is a performance that celebrates women who made significant contributions to history but are many times unknown to the general public. KSJD's Jeff Pope talks with Terri Helm and Midge Kirk, and their portrayal of two women who changed the course of history in the early mining days of Rico, Colorado.

KSJD would like to issue the following corrections concerning information that was presented about Lizzy Knight in this interview:

- Lizzy’s great-granddaughter is Marsha Bankston
- She owns the family property where the old trading post is located and lives there part-time
- The site is not available for visiting at the present time
- Trespassing is strictly controlled to protect conservation efforts
-  Marsha is working on various grants and etc re preservation but the effort is entirely private at this time
-  Marsha can be contacted through her attorney Erin Johnson at 303-588-2695