Forest Service Considers 25 Miles of New Trail at Boggy Draw, Asks for Public Input

Jul 28, 2017

The Forest Service is considering expanding the popular Boggy Draw trail system north of Dolores. The expansion would add 25 miles of non-motorized trails to the existing layout. Forest Service Recreation Staff Officer Tom Rice said the trails will be “stacked” close to each other to not expand far beyond the general footprint of the Boggy Draw area.


Before the agency moves forward with the expansion, it is seeking public comment. Rice said comments could address impacts to wildlife, ecosystems, or the town due to increased visitation.

"As the Forest Service, [we] have some good concepts as to how it should be managed," Rice said, "but when it boils down to the user, that is the public, and we certainly want their input.”

Comments can be submitted via the San Juan National Forest web page or by phone to the Dolores Ranger District Office. The deadline has been extended to  August 28th.

Click below to listen to a full interview with Tom Rice.