Black, Latino And Proud: Black History Month With Alt.Latino

Feb 6, 2014

This week on Alt.Latino, we kick off Black History Month with a mix of smart guests and amazing music. Felix Contreras and I take pride in the fact that Alt.Latino frequently celebrates the African heritage of Latinos, so our challenge this month was to go above and beyond what we usually do.

We kick off our coverage with special guests Bianca Laureano and Daniel Familia, two of the minds behind the fantastic LatiNegr@s Project. Celebrating Afro-Latino perspectives, issues and stories, the project is one of the boldest, most innovative projects on the Latin media landscape. It's essential to our community: As we discuss in today's show, Black Latino perspectives are significantly under-served by Latin media.

Of course, it wouldn't be Alt.Latino without music: In addition to discussing the state of Afro-Latino affairs with Laureano and Familia, we listen to fantastic music from Brazil, Cuba, Peru and the Dominican Republic.

Laureano and Familia will continue the conversation on Alt.Latino's Twitter and Facebook, as well as on this page. So please leave your comments — and stay tuned, because we have a month of amazing shows coming up.

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