Exposure to high standing wave ratios as an infant spoiled Mark for making a real living and set his lifelong course in radio. His mother feared this when she saw him babbling into a plastic Fisher-Price microphone at age ten months.

He hooked himself up to a transmitter and antenna shortly thereafter, which sent his likeness across great distances, where easily impressed station owners heard him and added him to payrolls.

This pleased him. Until he realized he'd have to follow playlists and ignore requests. The final blow was when computers started doing the song segues. Badly.

So he joined a brigade of radio anarchists and began practicing a rarefied form of radio wherein “(Almost) anything goes, as long as it flows.” His bank account shrank, but his love of music grew.

Today, Mark is one those multi-media journalists who spends way too much time thinking about headlines, cutlines and deadlines. He hosts Box of Visions on KSJD or he'd go nuts. Waitaminute...

Box of Visions

Rooted in Free-Form. Music as a unified field. Songs and sounds received as irresistible resonance, preferably through a bent coat-hanger antenna and a loose volume knob.