Jeff Pope

Executive Director

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U.S.D.A. Economic Research Service

As companies that supply crop inputs to farmers continue to consolidate, some farmers are becoming concerned that input costs will rise, because there is less competition for their business.  Concentration in the seed industry is an example of this trend.

2018 Farm Bill Listening Session

Apr 18, 2017
Ron Nichols / NRCS

The Farm Bill is renewed about every five years, and it's complexity creates a lot of political wrangling during the negotiation leading up to passage.  The 2014 Farm Bill expenditures will amount to almost 490 billion dollars, with 80% of that spent on nutrition programs. 

A Tale of Really Bad Birds

Apr 13, 2017

A couple of bald eagles hanging around your place is kind of cool, but a convocation of almost 80 of them is another story...Eespecially if you raise free range chickens.  Georgia farmer Will Harris is trying to deal with the depredation that these eagles are raining down on his flock, to the tune of $125,000 annually.

Cattle Wearing Fitbits?

Apr 4, 2017

Young cattle placed into feedlots are at risk for developing respiratory diseases that affect weight gain and may even result in death.  Pen riders check cattle frequently for signs of illness, but some calves are hard to diagnose until they are very sick.  Research shows promise that using activity trackers similar to the popular Fitbit, used by fitness buffs, can help to identify calves that are becoming sick earlier in the progression of diseases.

35th Ag Expo Opens

Mar 16, 2017
Bob Bragg

Jeff and Bob discuss a brief history of the Four States Ag Expo and hemp production in southwest Colorado.