Jamaymay Sparkle

Birthed deep within the Earth's core in a cave lined with iridescent sequins, Jamaymay Sparkle made a makeshift radio from phosphorescent stalactites and rayon. From the vibrating portal of this device she discovered the transcendental pulse of funk and soul music, deciding that one day she would bring these heavenly beats to the mortal realm. Riding her shimmering unipeg (unicorn + pegasus), Ajna, she alighted atop Sleeping Ute Mountain, surveyed the land below and declared, "Far out. This shall be my new home." At a Cortez High School rendition of the 1980's rollerskating film, Xanadu, Jamaymay came face to face with her wonder twin….Doris Deity. Now on any given Friday, from 8-10 pm, you can experience the soundiferous activation of funk, chill, soul, world music, rock, pop, blues, jazz and technotronic excellence that is THE MELT with alternating hostesses, Doris Deity and Jamaymay Sparkle.

Listen, and sparkle on.