Evening Riser

After being assigned to the body of a local of Montezuma County - lovingly referred to as the “Partha district,” in the Golgigi block of the Nebza sector - the alien DJ/ethnomusicologist, Evening Riser, began his(her?) job documenting the World’s music; however, the job became a quest and, ultimately, the quest became a spiritual mission!

Evening Riser and his compatriot, Lung Moon, took it upon themselves to rest the World’s music from humanity’s failing, and fragile hands as a violent tide lapped against the shores of man’s last habitation on the slopes of what was once the mighty peak of Everest!

Now, in their Alien Shuttle, Lung Moon and Evening Riser pass - light year by light year, parsec by parsec - sampling from what was the greatest legacy of the great apes, and their planet, that they called Earth.

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