Doc's first involvement with radio was as a teenager (a long time ago)on local radio in Ithaca, New York. As a musician, playing and listening to music has always been a big part of Doc's life. As a long time public radio supporter, Doc is "jazzed" to be a part of KSJD bringing the listening community music from his classic and current collection which spans more than 5 decades, and he has the 45's to prove it.

As a young (11y.o.) 5 string banjo player Doc was brought to bluegrass at a time when the classic masters of bluegrass such as Bill Monroe and Lester Flatt & Earl Scruggs were at the height of their careers.  At the same time American folk music was in it's hey-day with groups such as The Kingston Trio, The Limelighters, Peter Paul & Mary, The Journeymen, Simon & Garfunkle, Joan Biaz, Judy Collins and other musicians that many of today's teenagers do not know.

Doc's Roadhouse on KSJD Doc strives to bring a variety of music to the KSJD listening audience. With a focus on bluegrass, Doc spins "Americana"...(which Doc says is a catch-all category for a number of Genres including Bluegrass, Folk, Country & Swing, Blues, Roots and more). 

Dog House Blues

Have You Got The Blues?
Well you ain’t the only one with the blues baby
That’s right, it’s the blues on KSJD…every Tuesday morning from 9 to 11
With a nod to our old friend “the blues hound”, it’s DOG HOUSE BLUES
With some rhythm and blues, some soul and some funk we’ll get you out of yours
Let the blues overtake you right here on KSJD

Doc's Roadhouse

Doc's Roadhouse, bringing you the best in American roots music. From the newest releases off the shelf to classics from the old jukebox, Doc's features bluegrass, blues & boogie-woogie along with a sprinkling of folk and country. Stop by for music that will brighten your day and get your toes-a-tappin'.