DJ Z Ride

Michael McAllister (aka DJ Z Ride) has been deeply involved in music for over 30 years.  He earned his BA in Music from The University of North Texas (Cum Laude '94), and upon graduation, embarked on a career in teaching and performance.  Michael has taught guitar, bass, keyboard, drums, saxophone, voice, and DJing both privately and at the college level, and still performs live as a singer/songwriter and a live DJ.  In that time he has produced 2 entire albums (Cosmic Accident 2004, 2007) and contributed to countless others. Currently, he is a professional DJ and producer (DJ Z Ride).  He has 3 weekly DJ residencies ranging from dance to hip hop to salsa as well as a radio show on KSJD (Electrospectrum).  He is currently signed to three music libraries producing music for film, TV, and other media, and still takes time to educate kids via youtube tutorials.  More on DJ Z Ride can be found at