It is important to clarify the mission I have for The Eclectic Hour on the first Thursday of each month. Through playing a wide range of quality music, I hope to bring enlightenment to the office of the Major League Baseball commissioner. It is my belief that the tunes I play can help to inspire the elimination of the American League's designated hitter rule. According to Fox News, all evils have been proven to have ties to the designated hitter; ie. meth addiction, the Nazi party, bird flu, the Super Size menu at McDonald's, the mullet. The Eclectic Hour and D-Lish... the superheros of music fighting an evil world.

Eclectic Hour

Musical whiplash, The Eclectic Hour is a family affair that is so eclectic, it takes two hours. Started by Buck Treebark back in the day, the show carries on these many years later. Like a full moon, D-Lish covers the show once a month (the 1st Thursday),  Jonathan is your host on the 2nd and 4th Thursday of the month, and Kevin covers on the third Thursday.