KSJD Interviews
9:26 am
Wed April 29, 2015

"Faces of Folk": Portraits and Stories of Homelessness

Credit Bronwyn Strickland

A portrait can sometimes help us see people in new and revealing ways. KSJD's Tom Yoder talks with local artist Bronwyn Strickland, who has painted portraits of homeless people who have been guests at the Bridge Emergency Shelter in Cortez, and Laurie Knutson, Executive Director at the Bridge, about how portraits and stories of homeless folks help us connect with them, and the upcoming fundraising event "Faces of Folk", a celebration of the lives of homeless people in our community.

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KSJD Interviews
9:57 am
Mon April 27, 2015

National Wildfire Community Preparedness Day

Credit Province of British Columbia / Creative Commons

With continuing drought across the Four Corners area, it is critical that we work to protect our homes, neighborhoods, and communities from the devastation of wildfire. KSJD's Tom Yoder talks with Rebecca Samulski, Montezuma Chapter Coordinator for FireWise of Southwest Colorado, about how you can be better prepared for wildfire, and join in events happening on National Wildfire Community Preparedness Day on May 2nd.

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Veteran's Affairs
4:09 pm
Fri April 24, 2015

Veteran's Affairs - April 24th, 2015

Credit Chris Yarzab / Creative Commons

Sexual trauma and harassment in the military is an issue that can take many forms. In this episode of KSJD's monthly look at veterans affairs, KSJD's Tom Yoder talks with Bert Valencia and Darla Sanders from local VFW Post 5231 and DAV Chapter 44, and Sandi Valencia, a woman veteran who served in the Army during the Invasion of Kuwati, about how women and men confront sexual trauma in the ranks of the military, and what can be done about it. Sandi Valencia also shares a poem she wrote about serving as a woman in the military, and it is also available below as a separate audio file.

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KSJD Interviews
9:36 am
Thu April 23, 2015

Learning On The Navajo Nation At Jefferson County Open School

Credit Jefferson County Open School

The Jefferson County Open School in Lakewood, Colorado provides alternatives to conventional schooling that strive toward creating lifelong learners.

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KSJD Interviews
11:16 am
Wed April 22, 2015

The Importance of Early Childhood Development

Credit Thomas Hawk / Creative Commons

Ensuring that children have a strong and healthy start in life is critical to their future success. KSJD's Tom Yoder talks with Geof Byerly and Vangi McCoy from the Montelores Early Childhood Council about early child health and development, resources available locally to help families provide for their children at an early age, and how the new documentary film "The Raising of America" explores the root causes of class and racial inequities in the health and well being of our kids.

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Pandora's Box
11:15 am
Tue April 21, 2015

The Methane "Hot Spot" Over The Four Corners Area

Methane gas concentration shown in red over the Four Corners area in this satellite image.

In this episode of Pandora's Box, host Lyn Patrick talks with Mike Eisenfeld, New Mexico Energy Coordinator with the San Juan Citizens Alliance, about a methane gas concentration that appeared over the Four Corners area in NASA satellite images, and discuss the environmental and public health implications of methane, how leading scientists are researching the source of the methane, and what concerned citizens can do.

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KSJD Interviews
9:56 am
Mon April 20, 2015

Cleaning Up and Connecting In Cortez

Credit Cortez Journal

The City of Cortez and Heart and Soul Cortez are offering some opportunities for some spring cleaning and for getting to know your neighbors. KSJD's Tom Yoder talks with Cortez City Manager Shane Hale and Rocky Moss, the Project Coordinator for Heart and Soul Cortez, about city clean-up events happening in late April, and how neighborhoods can get funding through Heart and Soul Cortez to host a block party to help build and strengthen community values.

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KSJD Interviews
9:29 am
Fri April 17, 2015

Victims' Rights In The 22nd Judicial District Of Colorado

Credit Montezuma County

The rights of victims of crime are important to ensure that they have certain information, protections, and a limited role in the criminal justice process. KSJD's Tom Yoder talks with Leslie, the Victim Compensation Administrator at the 22nd Judicial District, and Gene Peck from Southwest Intertribal Voice, about what rights victims of crimes have, how they exercise those rights, and why it is important for communities to understand victims' rights and commemorate them.

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KSJD Interviews
10:13 am
Thu April 16, 2015

A Conversation With Montezuma-Cortez School District Superintendent Alex Carter

Classroom in Plains Highs School Museum, where President Jimmy Carter went to high school.
Credit Steve Markos / Creative Commons

Administration of a public school system provides a perspective into education that can reveal important issues. KSJD's newest interview host Dave Hart talks with Montezuma-Cortez School Superintendent Alex Carter about why a shortage of teachers could be a crisis in coming years, how poverty is affecting education in America, and opportunities that the new MCHS high school will bring to students.

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Talking Heads
11:35 am
Wed April 15, 2015

Talking Heads - April 15th, 2015

In this episode of Talking Heads, KSJD's Jeff Pope and Gail Binkly from the Four Corners Free Press sit down with Bob Bragg, agriculture educator and co-host of KSJD's Ag Markets & More program, to discuss the outlook for water for the upcoming growing season, and what it means for Montezuma County producers who rely on irrigation, and for consumers.

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