Marijuana and Youth In Colorado

May 13, 2016
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Recreational marijuana legalization in Colorado has created new issues for parents to understand as they try to educate their children about the drug. KSJD's Tom Yoder talked with Erin Flynn and Rebecca Roppolo, substance abuse educators from the Colorado Department of Public Health, about marijuana laws in Colorado, how legal pot has affected youth here, and how to make sure that marijuana doesn't get into the hands of kids.

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The Montezuma Mosquito Control District has found a new home after being evicted by the county commissioners from the county’s road yard, where it had been headquartered – rent-free – for more than four decades under a handshake agreement.

Spruell Sworn in as Mancos Marshal

May 12, 2016
Austin Cope / KSJD

The Mancos Town Board swore in Jason Spruell as the new Mancos Town Marshal on Wednesday evening. Spruell had previously been in the position of acting marshal after the removal of Marshal John Cox last year.

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Recent wet weather has pushed back plans for prescribed fires in the Dolores District of the San Juan National Forest until this fall. The fire management officer for the district, Pat Seekins, says that planned prescribed burns in the Haycamp Mesa and Lake Canyon areas now will likely have to wait until mid-September or October because of the moisture. The agency does not conduct prescribed burning in the summer.

Ameranouche is a musical trio performing acoustic Gypsy inspired music mixing Flamenco, bebop, and jazz swing influences played on traditional French jazz guitars and bass. KSJD's Tom Yoder talked with Richard "Shepp" Sheppard from the band to find out how they derived this unique blend of sound, and what the audience should expect at their show at the Sunflower Theatre in Cortez on Friday, May 13th.

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Kevin Fedarko is a river guide and author who wrote about a historic boating speed run through the Grand Canyon in his book "The Emerald Mile". In the first of a two-part interview, River Radio host Sam Carter talked with Fedarko about the book and how it shaped his views of the Grand Canyon, and his latest project to walk the length of the canyon.

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The Cortez City Council said Tuesday it wants more information before considering a proposal to allow marijuana grow operations in the city’s industrial park. Cortez business owner Mark Rodgers said he manages three buildings in the park with a total of about 20,000 square feet that could be utilized for such a venture.

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Concerned residents express discontent with a junkyard near Indian Camp Ranch and Crow Canyon Archeological Center, sparking disagreement about aesthetics and zoning.

Montezuma County

After years of pressure from the State, the Montezuma County Commissioners decided late last year to build a new court house and cobbled together about $7.5 million in construction money through grants and reserves.  Now, both prospective builders have told the County that the project, as designed, can't be done for less than $10 million--more than $2 million over the original budget.

Students from Kemper Elementary School recently traveled to Washington, D.C. to help First Lady Michelle Obama plant a garden at the White House. Big Fat Farm Show host Kellie Pettyjohn talked with Danyel Mezzanato of the Montezuma School To Farm Project and one of the Kemper Elementary School students about how this opportunity came to be, and what the students got to experience on this journey.