Board of Directors--Community Radio Project

Community Radio Project is the licensee of KSJD, KZET and KICO and is the governing body for the operations of the venue at KSJD.  Board Meetings are open to the public and are scheduled for the fourth Tuesday of the Month at 6:30pm at #2 East Main, Cortez, Co.

  • Board Meeting minutes are available here.
  • KSJD Bylaws are available here.
  • CPB Compliance Documents available here.

Our Board of Directors includes:

Katrina Roberts | President, Mancos, CO

Sara Kimball | Vice President, Mancos CO

Deborah Gangloff | Treasurer--Dolores, CO

Gareth Martins |Secretary--Dolores, CO

Laird Carlson | Director--Mancos, CO

Peter Ortego | Director--Lewis, CO

Dustin Cole | Director--Cortez, CO