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Thanksgiving DUI Enforcement Campaign Begins This Weekend in Colorado

Colorado authorities are cracking down on drunk driving for the Thanksgiving holiday.

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The Montezuma County commissioners have set a public meeting for Monday, November 6th, at 1:30 p.m. near Sand Canyon to discuss plans for a parking area there. The meeting will be at the Lamb property, just east of the Sand Canyon trailhead on County Road G. The commissioners say they believe the Bureau of Land Management’s proposal for parking is inadequate and that they would like input on the possible use of the county right of way to address both the current parking problem and future demand.


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Two Durango environmentalists who are facing charges related to an incident in Southeast Utah last April are set to go to trial next year in 7th District Court in Monticello, Utah. The Durango Herald reports that Rose Chilcoat, a former associate director for Great Old Broads for Wilderness who retired in 2016, and her husband, Mark Franklin, were charged following an incident in which a Mexican Hat rancher alleges they closed a gate to a corral to keep his cattle from getting to a water hole. The Herald reports the cattle did have access to water another way and were not in danger.

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Arizona singer, artist, and environmental activist Katie Lee has died at age 98. She was known in many boating and outdoor recreation circles for her love and advocacy for the Colorado River. She told KSJD about her connection to the river in 2014.


“When I saw Glen Canyon, in ‘54, I knew that I belonged in that place,” she said.

Ballots are arriving at county clerks’ offices as Election Day approaches on Tuesday, November 7th.

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Voters in San Juan County, UT face two local questions on the ballot this year.

Calf Prices Improved In 2017

Nov 2, 2017
Ron Nichols / NRCS

Cattle producers are seeing more favorable prices for their weaned calves this year compared to 2016.

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The Navajo Nation Council has soundly rejected a proposal for a massive development at the east end of the Grand Canyon.

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The Montezuma-Cortez High School Marching Band came in fourth among seven schools in Class 2A competition during state finals Monday in Parker.

Montezuma County

A little over a year ago, officials from Montezuma County, state, and federal agencies started a plan to build a bike and pedestrian route between Cortez, the Mesa Verde National Park entrance, and the town of Mancos.

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The oldest and largest American Indian advocacy organization in the country is calling for a moratorium on oil and gas leasing in the vicinity of Chaco Cultural National Historic Park in New Mexico.


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