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Boaters, Scientists, and Water Managers Reflect on 2017 Lower Dolores River Spill

About 24,000 people boated the Lower Dolores River this summer, according to estimates from the Bureau of Land Management. At a public meeting Wednesday night, leaders from Dolores River Boating Advocates, American Whitewater, and The Nature Conservancy told the Dolores Water Conservancy District they appreciated this season’s regular communication with boaters and other stakeholders about releases from McPhee Dam. However, some said they would have preferred more advance notice on the late...

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Montezuma County weed manager Bonnie Loving got the go-ahead from the county commission  Monday to get tough on landowners who ignore regulations designed to prevent the spread of noxious weeds. Loving showed the commissioners striking pictures of fields of flowering musk and Canada thistle as well as other invasive species directly adjoining crops of alfalfa. The county is allowed to take action to eradicate such weeds on its own if property owners ignore certified letters notifying them of the violations.

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KSJD's Austin Cope woke up early on Saturday morning to check out the Cortez Rendezvous Hot Air Balloon Festival. But Saturday morning was rainy, and hot air balloons can’t fly in the rain. To find out why, Austin talked to balloonist and the event's "weather man," Brian Hill of Page, AZ, about how and why balloonists monitor the weather.

After that, Austin had a laughter-filled conversation with one of the balloon teams from Albuquerque to hear stories from their travels through the air and along the ground. Click below to listen.

Road Trip Turns Into An Ag Tour

Aug 5, 2017
Marlene Florkowski

A recent road trip I made with a couple of my sisters involved a lot of driving, but when time allowed I got off the Interstates to drive along secondary highways.  I always enjoy seeing what is growing, assessing crop conditions, and occasionally getting a chance to talk to farmers and ranchers. 

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Floods from summer monsoons have closed several backcountry roads and campgrounds on Bureau Land Management land around Canyonlands National Park. Kings Bottom and Williams Bottom campgrounds are temporarily closed, and the Long Canyon Road inaccessible as well. The BLM recommends high-clearance vehicles to access Canyonlands National Park via the Mineral Bottom Road, and also to access the Bartlett and Poison Spider trailheads. The agency says it is working with its partners to repair the damage as soon as possible.


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Members of a Durango-based group intended to help protect five rivers around southwestern Colorado have gone their separate ways after 10 years together. The River Protection Workgroup, a collection of water managers from the Southwestern Water Conservation District and conservation organizations like Trout Unlimited, The Wilderness Society, and San Juan Citizens Alliance, had its final meeting in May.

Gail Binkly

The Montezuma County Commissioners likely violated Colorado open meetings law when they met with the Bureau of Land Management to discuss access issues near Summit Ridge in June.

A former associate director of Great Old Broads for Wilderness faces a preliminary hearing August 22nd on charges related to an incident in April in Southeast Utah. However, one charge against Rose Chilcoat and her husband, Mark Franklin, has been called into question. The couple is accused of shutting a gate on April 1st on state trust land between Bluff and Mexican Hat, Utah, preventing cattle from accessing a water hole. They face several charges, including attempted wanton destruction of livestock, a felony.

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Metal carports are causing concern among City of Cortez officials and members of the Planning and Zoning Commission. The Cortez Journal reports that P&Z on Tuesday discussed the possibility of increasing regulations on the inexpensive metal carports used by many homeowners. City officials told the board homeowners often install the carports without realizing they need a permit, but there are no penalties for doing so. Some board members said the carports are unsightly, but others noted that they are all that many homeowners can afford.

Jill Carlson

KSJD's Austin Cope talked with Jill Carlson, host and organizer of the First Annual Four Corners Comedy festival Friday and Saturday, about who is coming, what the audience can expect, and whether people are ready for the First Annual Roast of Cortez on Friday night.

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KSJD’s Gail Binkly sat down with Mesa Verde public information specialist Cristy Brown and visual information specialist Kayla Eiler to find out more about the problem and what the park is doing to combat it. Click below to listen.


Sunflower Theatre

Debashish Battacharya and Derek Gripper

World music guitar virtuosos at the Sunflower Theatre, Thursday, September 21st at 7:00pm

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