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"Savannah Sipping Society" Discusses What it's Like to Start Life an Impromptu Happy Hour

The Savannah Sipping Society tells the story of four Southern women who decide it's high time to reclaim the enthusiasm for life they've lost through the years.

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Challenges For Veterans During The Holidays

Nov 27, 2017
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Serving in the military during the holidays can be difficult when it is not possible to be with family, and veterans many times feel alienated when the holidays bring up memories of loneliness or loss. In this episode of KSJD's monthly Veterans Affairs program, Tom Yoder talks with local vets Sandi Valencia and Darla Sanders about their experiences serving during the holidays, and how friends and family of vets can be more sensitive to the challenges they face this time of year.

Andrew Cattoir / National Park Service

Colorado Parks and Wildlife is seeking public input into a new management plan for desert bighorn sheep living in areas near the Dolores River in western Colorado.

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A collaborative effort involving Tri-State Generation and Transmission, the Bureau of Land Management, and Colorado Parks and Wildlife has resulted in permanent protection of 505 acres in San Miguel County as habitat for the federally threatened Gunnison sage grouse.

Austin Cope

In other news, public lands agencies are allowing people to harvest Christmas trees as the holiday season begins.

San Juan County

A Utah judge has dismissed all charges against the sheriff of San Juan County, Utah and two of his deputies.

Kieth Weller / USDA Agricultural Research Service

Cranberries are a Thanksgiving tradition, that are only grown in a few states, using some interesting production methods.

Locally Sourced Thanksgiving

Nov 23, 2017
Kieth Weller / USDA Agricultural Research Service

Thanksgiving dinner is good, locally sources dinner is even better.

Austin Cope

The Montezuma County commission continued its search Monday for ways to deal with a severe financial crunch in 2018.

Austin Cope / Creative Commons

Speculation is swirling over what changes President Trump will make to two national monuments in southern Utah.

Of all the works of art that have been inspired by or created in Colorado Springs, perhaps none is more famous than the song, "America the Beautiful." It's a patriotic song nearly as recognizable and beloved as the National Anthem itself.

But despite the song’s popularity, the woman behind those famous lyrics is less well known. A new book called Katharine Lee Bates: From Sea to Shining Sea, by author Melinda M. Ponder, examines the life of poet Katharine Lee Bates, who wrote the first draft of "America the Beautiful" while teaching in Colorado Springs in the summer of 1893. Ponder spoke with 91.5 KRCC about how Bates' experience in Colorado Springs shaped her patriotism.


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