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Signs Indicating Public Access To BLM Land Worry Residents of Summit Ridge Subdivision

The Montezuma County Commission delayed adopting portions of its 2017 road map Monday after dozens of residents of a Summit Ridge subdivision protested proposed changes in their neighborhood. At the urging of the Bureau of Land Management, the county commissioners are considering changing the signage of County Road 35.6 and adjacent roads from red to green to indicate public access to isolated public lands bordering the subdivision. Red-signed roads are privately maintained, while green signs...

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People have been living in and around Rocky Mountain National Park for over 11,000 years. About 100 years ago, historian and storyteller Dave Lively’s family set up a homestead near the Grand Lake entrance on the west side of the park. To talk about that homestead and further history of the park, Mr. Lively will make a visit to the Cortez Public Library this Friday, July 21st at 10 am to give a presentation called “Rocky’s West Side Stories.” He joined to KSJD’s Gail Binkly to share more of his own stories as well as some stories from the park. Click below to listen:

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On Monday, a public meeting held by the Dolores Water Conservancy District (DWCD) was met with a standing-room-only crowd—not a regular occurrence at water management meetings.  The day after the meeting, KSJD's Austin Cope talked with Mike Preston, DWCD General Manager, to learn more about the District's plans for McElmo.

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About 75 residents of McElmo Canyon filled the Dolores Water Conservancy District meeting room Monday night to encourage water managers to consider the canyon’s welfare when planning for the next drought. 

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KSJD's Austin Cope took a trip into the San Juan National Forest to meet one of a few federal mule pack strings in the U.S. and to learn about what it's like to work with the animals. Click below to listen to the story and interview with Glenn Ryan, Lead Packer/Manager for the Rocky Mountain Regional Specialty Pack String.


Applying fertilizer to increase crop production is an approved practice in modern agricultural production.  However, a study, completed the University of Illinois in 2007, indicates that while crop yield are improved with the addition of nitrogen fertilizer, the down side is that soil organic matter is lost, rather enhanced by the fertilizer.  Revisiting this study ten years later is significant because of the renewed awareness that organic matter is important for giving soils the

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Colorado’s black bears are dying for human food. The Denver Post reports that at least 34 bears have been killed so far this year by wildlife managers and homeowners because the bruins had become too bold. A 2016 study by a Colorado Parks and Wildlife biologist found that about one-fifth of bears on the West Slope and a third on the Front Range were eating human food even when enough natural foods were available. The easy availability of “people food” is leading to more conflicts between the state’s 17,000 to 20,000 bears and its human population.

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Controlled burns may be the only way to fight the spread of chronic wasting disease among deer and elk.

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San Juan County, Utah, has a new director of economic development. The San Juan Record reports that Natalie Randall, the current director of Parks and Recreation for the City of Monticello, was picked from among nine applicants.

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The Cortez City Council expressed interest Tuesday night in contributing about $20,000 to the Bridge Emergency Shelter in the form of waiving fees.

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During his tenure as Montezuma County Commissioner, Keenan Ertel has supported conservative fiscal policy, oil and gas development, and transfer of federal public lands to the county. But outside of his public life, Mr. Ertel also practices yoga.


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